The Narts: Ancient Sagas from the Caucasus

Comics adapted from the Nart sagas of the Caucasus. New pages every Saturday. Email the author.

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A lot of local bookstores are really struggling in the current crisis, which hits close to home for me because I come from a book-sellin’ family.

So, before I let you scroll down to this week’s comic, I want to put in a suggestion that, if you have the means, you consider buying something from your local shop right now! They probably accept orders by phone or online, and many of them will either ship a book to you, or are offering curbside pickup so you can go get your book while maintaining social distancing.

You can use IndieBound to search for a shop near you that has or can order the book you want, or just seek out your favorite shop yourself.

If you’re in Eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey, I can particularly recommend my mom’s store, Book & Puppet, which I believe carries a few signed copies of the Curvy book!

Iron Circus (they also offer an ebook version) | IndieBound | Amazon

Anyhoo, back to the Narts:

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